Sunday, 13 May 2012

I paint my nails - NOTD - Barry m mint green and Rimmel disco ball

 As you probably know Mint is very Big this season 
 and i have always always love this colour .
Here i used Barry M's Mint Green , i did two coats 
of this , then a coat of Rimmels Disco Ball Glitter
Polish , then finally finishing with Rimmels
Pro Super Wear Top Coat, resulting is this lovely combination . 

Will you be wearing the latest trends on your nails ? 
What do you think of Mint Nail polish ? 

love love xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

i Have a New Blog !

hee hee what a silly pug :3

Well when people start a new blog they usually say 'New year , new blog ' buuuuut its May so i cannot , i would look rather silly . So my first blog was a blog totally dedicated to Lush Cosmetics , and well to be honest i got a little bored of posting about just lush because i have so many other interests in life that i wish to share with the world . Thus this new blog is born . This Blog shall consist of randomness , beauty , and foood .  I would like to start by saying a upcoming outing to G.A.Y in London eeeeep ,  has made me think i need a new outfit everything, shoes, bag , dress , the lot . Some of it is sorted i am currently bidding fiercely for a gorgeous and simple topshop skater dress on eBay the shoes are impossible , because i have a freakishly long second toe and my feet are very wide its really hard for me to find shoes Ive tried on about 12 pairs and its just not happening . Bag shall be purchased along with the shoes hopefully :) . Moving on from the outfit buying i thought why not do a party wish list . enjoy !

Dress - Topshop
Shoes-New look
Necklace - Dollybowbow

I'm pretty unsure about what necklace to wear , should i go for a statement piece like the one above , a long statement necklace or a peter pan collar , some advice would help me out allot.

Love Love x