Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I review some Lush - Lush honey cosmetics - Flying fox honey shower gel

 sorry for the wonky donkey photo !

Ayop again , this is the last instalment of the mini lush series , yaaay , just kidding.
I was intrigued about this shower gel simply because lush  describes it  as a honey based product.
This shower gel contains Honey which is amazing for moisturising your skin and is used as a natural antiseptic , jasmine absolute ( which is super concentrated jasmine flowers ) ylang ylang oil which helps clear sinuses and relaxes you , it also contains two other honey based products which are Greek honey , and English honey perfume , so a whole lot of honey , also some other non exciting ingredients . 
All sounds heavenly and you might not believe me when i say this smells NOTHING like honey at all!!! 

I was so so disappointed , and was expecting to be blown back by the honey scent but nope no honey accept it smells like cough syrup , not a nice one , I think it smells like Cavonia ....maybe , you know the one that was on the TV allot with the shouting bull...i sound crazy . 
Anyhoooo , OK so lush describes it as a honey shower gel , but it doesn't even smell like honey one bit not even after its lathered up a bit . I think they falsely advertised this claiming its a honey shampoo when it smells nothing like honey whatsoever , it only thig honey like about it is that it looks like clear honey.
The only good thing is that the smell stay on your skin , I like it when product scents stay on your skin but not when they smell like cough syrup and you just feel deceived every time you catch a whiff of it . As for as benefiting my skin it did make it feel quite moisturised and i felt no need to moisturise afterwards , which is a plus cos I'm super lazy when it comes too moisturising after a shower .
The packaging is nice and simple and all good , but the only problem is that it leeks , allot so best keep it up right , and again the price is rather scary for a tiny little bottle of 100g at £4.75 .
I am sad to say I didn't really like the smell of this product at all , its quite strong too , but it lathers well . Last all I can say is that if you want to smell like cough syrup this is for you !

whats you favourite lush product ?

love love

Saturday, 14 July 2012

I wear some makeup - FOTD - Vintage inspired

What I'm wearing
Avon miracle face perfecter
Rimmel wake me up foundation
Collection 2000 shimmer shades in way to glow
Rimmel blush in (hmmm cant remember but will put it up once i find out )
MAC prep and prime translucent powder 
Urban decay primer potion 
Urban decay eye shadow in shakedown 
Benefit glamours eye primping kit - the light pink eyeshadow 
Topshop eye kohl in coal 
Rimmel eye exaggerate liquid eye liner in black 
maybelline  false eye effects mascara - flared
Revlon lip butter in candy apple

what inspires you when your doing your makeup ? 

love love xx

Friday, 13 July 2012

I review some Lush- Lush honey cosmetics - Honey i washed the kids soap

                    Now for the second instalment of the lush honey series .
 If your one of those people who love honey then you need this ! 
I honesty purchased this soap because their was so much hype in the lush world , that i just had to try it out for myself . 
First impressions , I love the way it looks , it looks lovely and creamy and moisturising , and the natural bees wax top is a lovely finish . 
The scent is gorgeous too , smelling of Honey and vanilla and all good things in the world :) 

Sounds like the perfect soap ? 
I thought so too , their is a few things I dislike about this soap , it doesn't actually make me feel clean , if that's even possible , but I just don't feel like it benefits my skin in anyway. Also the wax is pretty annoying it falls off from the main soap , and has no use as it doesn't lather up so its best to just pick it off and put it in the bin, its only there to make the soap look pretty .
Last it melts like no other lush soap I have every experienced , it doesn't last very long at all , but this can be down to the environment its kept in I guess . 

I know everyone who worships this soap is wanting to kill me now but I just didn't get on with it , I was rather disappointed with it . 
The only things i am really impressed with is the smell and the natural ingredients . Honey I washed the kids soap contains some very moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil , honey water and rapeseed oil , unfortunately I didn't see any moisturising effects , in fact my skin seemed to become dryer when i started using this . 
The price of this soap seems pretty reasonable at £3.25 for a 100g slab is good for a handmade soap in my opinion , but i would rather spend it on their other soaps that I prefer . 
Overall i do like this soap, but feel it is overrated because of the amazing scent , I would much rather spend my pennies on their other soaps .

Do you love or loath Honey I washed the kids ? 
(photos coming soon )

love love

(photo source lush.com)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

I reveal something about my life - Meet the Guineapigs

                    I wasn't sure if i was going to blog about my pigs .......but i changed my mind .

So let me introduce you to them ! 

This is Tigger. 
Hes had a bit of a hard time when he was a baby being beaten up by Pigwig , he bares some scars and a ripped ear , but he is still a lovely boy and super super super cute . He loves being outside , and eating as much grass as possible.
Tigger loves Pigwig lots and lots but hasn't got the message that Pigwig doesn't like him that much .
Tigger loves cuddles , but only with particular people , and has leaping off sofas down to a art !

And this is Pigwig .
Pigwig was a bit of a bully when he was younger and still tries to show everyone who boss , but he fails most times . He really is a mummy's boy , and he is very laid back , as you can see he likes wearing his hat , loves baths and being in the garden so he can sunbathe .

So their you have it my guineapigs , their might be some more pig related posts in the future .

Would you like too see more guinepig posts ?

Love love 

I paint my nails - NOTD - ESSIE Penny Talk - New mirror metallics collection

          I literally cannot get over how gorgeous this is . 
I wasn't that excited about ESSIE's mirror metallic collection because I'm not a fan of metallic nails , but after see this on NicolaVC86 I had to have it . It literally is just the most gorgeous rose gold colour . This type of colour will probably look better with longer nails , then you could get the full effect , hmm might end up giving this to my mum .  I used the Adrea Fulerton nail tattoos for the accent nail, these are cheap as chips at £1.99 from superdrug .They are a big hit with me i have my eye one the skull ones too :) 

Will you be trying the new ESSIE collection ?

love love 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I review some Lush - Lush honey cosmetics - Its Raining men

I cannot express how much I love Lush , and I admit I am rather proud of my lush collection , and protective, keeping it away from my dad at all times, I have caught him a few times emptying half a bottle of lush shampoo on his head , WHEN HE HAS NO HAIR!
you can understand my reasons I hope , I'm not being mean..... honest! 

Anyhoo , Lush seem to be well known for there bestselling honey themed cosmetics so I thought I would do a mini review series , too see if they live up to the all the hype . 

 This shower gel is defiantly a luxury product in my eyes , and I only ever use it if I'm feeling a bit run down . First the smell is completely amazing , it smells like toffee , honey and orange , but despite the strong scent it does not linger on the skin which i was rather disappointed with , i want to smell like honey and toffee all day :( .  

This really does smell amazing but not really amazing enough for me to repurchase at a hefty £4.25 for a tiny 100g bottle. 
I really love all the natural ingredients well obviously it is lush they are very well known for their natural ingredients . Its raining men contains Honey , which is very good for moisturising the skin and is a natural antiseptic , it also contains Rosehip oil and Sweet Wild Orange oil . Rosehip oil is great for oily skin and contains vitamin c. Vitamin c is abundant in Sweet wild orange oil ,  which makes the skin appear brighter and pays a key roll in the formation of collagen . All lovely things if you ask me .  
Despite all the natural ingredients this lathers up really well, the Constancy is rather runny , allot like runny honey :)

 Overall this is a great shower gel to own and to treat yourself with , and has loads of skin benefit , but i don't see myself repurchasing it in the near future . 

do you love or hate Its Raining Men ? 

love love xx 


Monday, 9 July 2012

I show you how - Grape and Chamomile tea mask for all skin types

Who knew grapes could be so useful ?
Grapes are jam packed with vitamin C and vitamin B6 , which are great for you skin and make it appear bright and healthy . 
Grapes can also reduce acne , and wrinkles , but lets not give all the glory to Grapes , Chamomile is proven to reduce dark circles under the eyes . Chamomile can even reduce redness and even your skin tone , it is also a natural antiseptic . 
Oh and the cornstarch sucks up all the nasty oils in your skin .  

How to ! 

You will need.
10 grapes 
2 Table spoons of Chamomile Tea
2 table spoons of corn flour  
fork for mashing 
bowl for mixing etc


1. Mash all your grapes and set aside

                 2. Mix the chamomile tea with the cornflower until they form a paste. 
And maybe drink the rest of the tea, why waste it ? 

3.Next add  the mashed grapes  to the mixture. Blend well. 

        4. Apply the mask to your face and wait about 15 minutes before 
rinsing it off and applying your usual moisturiser.

ha looks like my face is melting 
This mask is quite messy (see how drippy it is ) so keep a towel handy

After rinsing the mask off my skin felt super super soft , probably the softest its ever been in a while .The mask also make my skin appear brighter and healthier, the chamomile works wonders and my dark circles where reduced . 
When disposing of the left over mixture put it in the bin not down the sink ! 

Will you be trying this lovely DIY mask ?

love love xx 

recipe from beautylish.com

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I wear some makeup - FOTD and my glasses

Ayop , lovelies ! This FOTD is a little personal only because I've never really taken a photo of myself if my glasses , simply because whenever i wear them my confidence hits rock bottom. Its not that i don't like them i think they are nice glasses , i just feel a bit , cut off , like my face is hidden behind them and without insulting anyone with glasses i feel rather ugly wearing them . The only thing i do like is that they make me see better (well duh) . So this post i guess is to make me feel more confident about them and just encourage me too wear them more , because trust me when you've lost your mum in tescos, and you don't have your glasses to see down the isle, it is allot harder and rather embarrassing , especially when i go marching up too someone i think is my mum , too discover they're a 80 year old man .Also i couldn't decide which photo so you get two , lucky you !

so awkward ! 

What I'm wearing.
Rimmel Stay Matte foundation
Benefit Dr feel good 
MUA mosaic blush in English Rose 
Benefit Dallas Bronzer 
Collection 2000 shimmer shades in Way to glow - lightest one in quad for highlight.
Urban decay primer potion
Topshop eye kohl in Coal
Maxfactor False lash effect waterproof mascara
Urban decay lipstick in naked 

what do you think of glasses ? 

love love xx

Friday, 6 July 2012

I wear some makeup - FOTD - Simple eye with a Baby Pink Lip

argh i hate my wonky eyes! 

What I'm wearing
Rimmel wake me up foundation 
Benefit Boing concealer
Natural collection loose face powder
Soap and Glory Solar Powder bronzer
MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose
Urban Decay Primer Potion
TopShop Eye Kohl in coal
Maybelline false lash effects mascara - flared 
Topshop lipstick in pillow talk 

what product do you use everyday ? 

love love 


I share my favourite lip products - Happy National Kissing day !!!!

Happy kissing day fellow bloggers ! 
Kissing day is about celebrating and appreciating the kiss , weather it be a first kiss ,a formal kiss , or a passionate kiss , everyone enjoys a cheeky kiss once in a while , even the dog .
Here a quick kissing fact , the longest kiss every was performed by a Thai couple, husband and wife team Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat (good luck pronouncing them ) ,  which lasted 46 hours and 24 minutes , talk about commitment!
Since is kissing day today i thought i would do a post on my favourite Lip Products .
 A girls lips have got to look their best on national kissing day .

 Urban Decay - Naked
To me this feels allot more like a lip butter , it is super moisturising and it is a tiny bit glossy which i love . The shade is a nude pink with gold shimmers , you can barely notice them but they do give the illusion of fuller lips , and its perfect for daytime .
 As you can see this is well loved , and i wear this near enough everyday but i love it so much ill be sad when it runs out . My favourite thing about it i think is the packaging , it so beautiful the end of the lipstick has a little sword handle which is such a cute touch and the tube is a beautiful mirrored lilac colour . The outer casing is adorned with purple swirls , seahorses , hearts , skulls , and flowers . Whats not to love , i really cannot fault this in anyway , can you tell i love it .

 Topshop -Pillow Talk
I'm not going 2 write a review on this when i already have , full review HERE

 Revlon lip butter - Candy apple 
Candy apple is the only lip butter i own and only have my eye on one other shade , I'm just not that excited about them . They are really moisturising , and has subtle pigmentation , and that's it really . This is a really nice lip product if your going for a natural look , for me i wish they where a little more matte . The colour itself is super flattering and this is defiantly for people who are scared or red lipstick . It applies really smoothly and doesn't tug my lips at all , giving a smooth even application . 
The only fault i have with it is the packaging , it doesn't feel very sturdy or well made , i love the outer tube matte feel and the check affect but that's about it , and also when twisting the lipstick back in it twisted the wrong way so it almost ends up getting squished . 

  Lush lip tint - a million kisses

First I'm going to rave about the smell of this , so so so amazing it smells of roses , Ive never come across that smells of roses before and its such a lovely touch . The product itself is almost scarcely pigmented , i literally just tapped my finger on top of it and get a whole load of colour . the colour is something along the lines of a very very deep hot pink or a bright red , but its lovely whatever it is . 
The only fault i have with it is that its quite drying , i have to apply a balm underneath which helps with this , also the balm helps with flaking . 
The packaging is super efficient and simple , and its super small so its great to pop into even the smallest clutch bag .

 Fig and Rouge -Coco Vanilla
I received a mini one of these in a glossy box , and i was hooked at the first application. This is the only balm i have used on my lips that moisturises for hours . The smell is sweet and supple , has a lovely smooth texture that isn't greasy or tacky . This has no colour  do the other ones in there collection  . This is basically a your lips but better products for me , and i will be purchases some there other flavours very soon :)

 Rimmel lasting finish by Kate - 03
This is probably the most pigmented lipstick i own , the pigmentation and feel of these lipstick have been compared to MAC lipstick . the colour is a nude baby pink matte colour , but its more nude than pink . It has a fake fruity smell which i love , just reminds me of the cheap makeup sets i used too get as a kid. It is a little drying , and probably the most drying of all my lipsticks but it does have a slight gloss to it which makes it feel drying but not look it , if that makes any sense . 
the packaging its anything special i do like the matte black again the glossy black band , but that's about it , i think the Kate signature on the side looks a bit cheap , would of been nicer if it was engraved in the lipstick itself.

Lush lip scrub-Mint Julips
This lip scrub is a Holy Grail product of mine and a must have in your makeup collection , nothing gets your lips smoother and nothing is more fun . This scrub contains peppermint oil and vanilla extract so its super super yummy when you lick it off , i really have nothing else to say other than , you must buy a lush lip scrub .

 whats your favourite lip products/product?

happy kissing day ! 


Thursday, 5 July 2012

I share my most recent beauty purchases - Medium haul (updated)

    Yeah I've done it again ...sorry bank account , but but but all of it was in the sale or on special offer apart from the lipstick, so guess its not that bad :) 

From left to right 
La colours Nail Lacquer in shades Jungle fever and Mauve glaze.
Aussie three minute miracle hair treatment .
John Frieda luxurious volume shampoo.
The Body shop satsuma Shower Gel.
Batiste dry shampoo in Cherry .
Tresemme Liquid Gold Argon infused perfecting treatment.
Topshop lipstick in Pillow talk .
Collection 2000 shimmer shades in Way to glow.
Maxfactor false effects waterproof mascara.

Reviews of the Collection 2000 shimmer shades , Tresemme liquid gold  Maxfactor mascara ,and La colours nail lacquers 
coming soon.
So watch this space!

Will you be buying any of these products? 

 love love xx 

I review a lipstick - Topshop's Pillow Talk

 I approached the topshop makeup counter gingerly , noticing it was completely deserted , i thought there was allot of hype around Topshop makeup , everything was covered in makeup all the lipstick box's where open, it really was like a makeup massacre . Amongst all the stumpy and melted samples, i found this little beauty . 


I don't have anything thing like this at home nor do i really ever go for baby pinks , i do think they make me look a bit like a hooker , but aah well who's looking anyways . Anyhoo ! this is just a flat out baby pink , some say its a dupe to Macs saint Germain , but whatever it is its super super creamy , which is always nice and something you come across that often with a lipstick that's less than £8 , which is super impressive , also this little pretty is quite pigmented .

As for the lip drying problem with some lipsticks , its non existent , it really feels as moisturising as the Revlon lip butters but with the pigmentation of a high end lipstick all for a small price .
I do highly recommend this lipstick , and from what i have experience with topshop makeup , i recommend all there makeup. wooop another great buy ! 

whats your favourite Topshop lipstick? 

love love xx 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I wish for pretty things - a Topshop wish list of makeup and jewellery

TopShop and I have a bit of a love hate relationship , hate because most of there clothes aren't really catered for ladies with big saggy butts and wide horsey hips , love because they have amazing jewellery and makeup simple :P . So i thought i would make a wish list for myself as i have been lusting over allot of thing from topshop lately , with the hope of it magically appearing in my lap , without hurting my bank accounts feelings . Or maybe my boyfriend will see this , and want to treat his lovely girlfriend ;) !

Top row left to right
Eye liner pen in black , Lip stick in Oh la la (i nearly brought this but all they had was opened ones *sad face ) , cream blush in Neon Rose and last Lipstick in Rumour has it 
Bottom row left to right 
Cat bracelet , Bright Bird stack rings , Cross cluster drop earrings , Pearl look ring pack

what are you lusting over from topshop ? 

love love xx 

I wear some makeup - FOTN - Bronze eye with winged eye liner

Yet again another makeup wearing related post , sorry but i just can help myself :) . This isn't a face of the day , its face of the nice :O , basically what i wore makeup wise whilst out for a meal and  being silly with the family for my brothers birthday :) .Oh and sorry the quality of the photo isn't great , i was in a bit of a rush , excuses excuses !

 What I'm wearing...
Rimmel Wake me up foundation 
Topshop cream blush in Head over Heels
MAC Prep and Prime Translucent powder 
Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer
Benefit Boing Concealer
Top Shop eye liner in coal (lower lash line)
Urban Decay Primer Potion 
Urban Decay Ink for eyes in Zero 
Rimmel Eye exaggerate liquid eye liner in black 
Benefit Crease less Eye shadow cream/liner in Marry up
Maybelline false eye lash effects mascara -flared in Black 
Figs and rouge 100% organic balm in Coco Vanilla
No 7 Long Lasting Lip Stick in Mischief

will you be trying any of these products ?

love love xx

Sunday, 1 July 2012

I Paint my Nails - NOTD - Blue Ombre

     oooooh aaaaaaah ! You know when You have one of those days when you cant stop looking at your nails? , well this is one of those days . These are so so so easy to do but rather messy . 
I used three different  blues , ESSIE's mint candy apple , Barry M's Bright Blue , and one my Misguided in Misstque.

what do you think of ombre nails? 

would you like to know how ? 

love love xx

I wear some makeup - FOTD - Winged eye liner and red lip

What i'm wearing
No7 BB cream in fair 
Benefit Boing Concealer 
MAC prep and prime translucent powder 
Topshop cream blush in Head Over Heels
Urban Decay Primer Potion 
Urban Decay Ink for eyes in Zero
Rimmel or maybelline ( the writing has come off) exaggerate liquid eye liner  in black. 
Maybelline false effects mascara - flared  
MUA lip stick in Temptation ( not sure they do this any more ive had it forever)

Will you be trying any of these products?

love love xx