Friday, 13 July 2012

I review some Lush- Lush honey cosmetics - Honey i washed the kids soap

                    Now for the second instalment of the lush honey series .
 If your one of those people who love honey then you need this ! 
I honesty purchased this soap because their was so much hype in the lush world , that i just had to try it out for myself . 
First impressions , I love the way it looks , it looks lovely and creamy and moisturising , and the natural bees wax top is a lovely finish . 
The scent is gorgeous too , smelling of Honey and vanilla and all good things in the world :) 

Sounds like the perfect soap ? 
I thought so too , their is a few things I dislike about this soap , it doesn't actually make me feel clean , if that's even possible , but I just don't feel like it benefits my skin in anyway. Also the wax is pretty annoying it falls off from the main soap , and has no use as it doesn't lather up so its best to just pick it off and put it in the bin, its only there to make the soap look pretty .
Last it melts like no other lush soap I have every experienced , it doesn't last very long at all , but this can be down to the environment its kept in I guess . 

I know everyone who worships this soap is wanting to kill me now but I just didn't get on with it , I was rather disappointed with it . 
The only things i am really impressed with is the smell and the natural ingredients . Honey I washed the kids soap contains some very moisturising ingredients such as coconut oil , honey water and rapeseed oil , unfortunately I didn't see any moisturising effects , in fact my skin seemed to become dryer when i started using this . 
The price of this soap seems pretty reasonable at £3.25 for a 100g slab is good for a handmade soap in my opinion , but i would rather spend it on their other soaps that I prefer . 
Overall i do like this soap, but feel it is overrated because of the amazing scent , I would much rather spend my pennies on their other soaps .

Do you love or loath Honey I washed the kids ? 
(photos coming soon )

love love

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