Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I review some Lush - Lush honey cosmetics - Flying fox honey shower gel

 sorry for the wonky donkey photo !

Ayop again , this is the last instalment of the mini lush series , yaaay , just kidding.
I was intrigued about this shower gel simply because lush  describes it  as a honey based product.
This shower gel contains Honey which is amazing for moisturising your skin and is used as a natural antiseptic , jasmine absolute ( which is super concentrated jasmine flowers ) ylang ylang oil which helps clear sinuses and relaxes you , it also contains two other honey based products which are Greek honey , and English honey perfume , so a whole lot of honey , also some other non exciting ingredients . 
All sounds heavenly and you might not believe me when i say this smells NOTHING like honey at all!!! 

I was so so disappointed , and was expecting to be blown back by the honey scent but nope no honey accept it smells like cough syrup , not a nice one , I think it smells like Cavonia ....maybe , you know the one that was on the TV allot with the shouting bull...i sound crazy . 
Anyhoooo , OK so lush describes it as a honey shower gel , but it doesn't even smell like honey one bit not even after its lathered up a bit . I think they falsely advertised this claiming its a honey shampoo when it smells nothing like honey whatsoever , it only thig honey like about it is that it looks like clear honey.
The only good thing is that the smell stay on your skin , I like it when product scents stay on your skin but not when they smell like cough syrup and you just feel deceived every time you catch a whiff of it . As for as benefiting my skin it did make it feel quite moisturised and i felt no need to moisturise afterwards , which is a plus cos I'm super lazy when it comes too moisturising after a shower .
The packaging is nice and simple and all good , but the only problem is that it leeks , allot so best keep it up right , and again the price is rather scary for a tiny little bottle of 100g at £4.75 .
I am sad to say I didn't really like the smell of this product at all , its quite strong too , but it lathers well . Last all I can say is that if you want to smell like cough syrup this is for you !

whats you favourite lush product ?

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