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I share my favourite lip products - Happy National Kissing day !!!!

Happy kissing day fellow bloggers ! 
Kissing day is about celebrating and appreciating the kiss , weather it be a first kiss ,a formal kiss , or a passionate kiss , everyone enjoys a cheeky kiss once in a while , even the dog .
Here a quick kissing fact , the longest kiss every was performed by a Thai couple, husband and wife team Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat (good luck pronouncing them ) ,  which lasted 46 hours and 24 minutes , talk about commitment!
Since is kissing day today i thought i would do a post on my favourite Lip Products .
 A girls lips have got to look their best on national kissing day .

 Urban Decay - Naked
To me this feels allot more like a lip butter , it is super moisturising and it is a tiny bit glossy which i love . The shade is a nude pink with gold shimmers , you can barely notice them but they do give the illusion of fuller lips , and its perfect for daytime .
 As you can see this is well loved , and i wear this near enough everyday but i love it so much ill be sad when it runs out . My favourite thing about it i think is the packaging , it so beautiful the end of the lipstick has a little sword handle which is such a cute touch and the tube is a beautiful mirrored lilac colour . The outer casing is adorned with purple swirls , seahorses , hearts , skulls , and flowers . Whats not to love , i really cannot fault this in anyway , can you tell i love it .

 Topshop -Pillow Talk
I'm not going 2 write a review on this when i already have , full review HERE

 Revlon lip butter - Candy apple 
Candy apple is the only lip butter i own and only have my eye on one other shade , I'm just not that excited about them . They are really moisturising , and has subtle pigmentation , and that's it really . This is a really nice lip product if your going for a natural look , for me i wish they where a little more matte . The colour itself is super flattering and this is defiantly for people who are scared or red lipstick . It applies really smoothly and doesn't tug my lips at all , giving a smooth even application . 
The only fault i have with it is the packaging , it doesn't feel very sturdy or well made , i love the outer tube matte feel and the check affect but that's about it , and also when twisting the lipstick back in it twisted the wrong way so it almost ends up getting squished . 

  Lush lip tint - a million kisses

First I'm going to rave about the smell of this , so so so amazing it smells of roses , Ive never come across that smells of roses before and its such a lovely touch . The product itself is almost scarcely pigmented , i literally just tapped my finger on top of it and get a whole load of colour . the colour is something along the lines of a very very deep hot pink or a bright red , but its lovely whatever it is . 
The only fault i have with it is that its quite drying , i have to apply a balm underneath which helps with this , also the balm helps with flaking . 
The packaging is super efficient and simple , and its super small so its great to pop into even the smallest clutch bag .

 Fig and Rouge -Coco Vanilla
I received a mini one of these in a glossy box , and i was hooked at the first application. This is the only balm i have used on my lips that moisturises for hours . The smell is sweet and supple , has a lovely smooth texture that isn't greasy or tacky . This has no colour  do the other ones in there collection  . This is basically a your lips but better products for me , and i will be purchases some there other flavours very soon :)

 Rimmel lasting finish by Kate - 03
This is probably the most pigmented lipstick i own , the pigmentation and feel of these lipstick have been compared to MAC lipstick . the colour is a nude baby pink matte colour , but its more nude than pink . It has a fake fruity smell which i love , just reminds me of the cheap makeup sets i used too get as a kid. It is a little drying , and probably the most drying of all my lipsticks but it does have a slight gloss to it which makes it feel drying but not look it , if that makes any sense . 
the packaging its anything special i do like the matte black again the glossy black band , but that's about it , i think the Kate signature on the side looks a bit cheap , would of been nicer if it was engraved in the lipstick itself.

Lush lip scrub-Mint Julips
This lip scrub is a Holy Grail product of mine and a must have in your makeup collection , nothing gets your lips smoother and nothing is more fun . This scrub contains peppermint oil and vanilla extract so its super super yummy when you lick it off , i really have nothing else to say other than , you must buy a lush lip scrub .

 whats your favourite lip products/product?

happy kissing day ! 


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