Monday, 9 July 2012

I show you how - Grape and Chamomile tea mask for all skin types

Who knew grapes could be so useful ?
Grapes are jam packed with vitamin C and vitamin B6 , which are great for you skin and make it appear bright and healthy . 
Grapes can also reduce acne , and wrinkles , but lets not give all the glory to Grapes , Chamomile is proven to reduce dark circles under the eyes . Chamomile can even reduce redness and even your skin tone , it is also a natural antiseptic . 
Oh and the cornstarch sucks up all the nasty oils in your skin .  

How to ! 

You will need.
10 grapes 
2 Table spoons of Chamomile Tea
2 table spoons of corn flour  
fork for mashing 
bowl for mixing etc


1. Mash all your grapes and set aside

                 2. Mix the chamomile tea with the cornflower until they form a paste. 
And maybe drink the rest of the tea, why waste it ? 

3.Next add  the mashed grapes  to the mixture. Blend well. 

        4. Apply the mask to your face and wait about 15 minutes before 
rinsing it off and applying your usual moisturiser.

ha looks like my face is melting 
This mask is quite messy (see how drippy it is ) so keep a towel handy

After rinsing the mask off my skin felt super super soft , probably the softest its ever been in a while .The mask also make my skin appear brighter and healthier, the chamomile works wonders and my dark circles where reduced . 
When disposing of the left over mixture put it in the bin not down the sink ! 

Will you be trying this lovely DIY mask ?

love love xx 

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