Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I do a review -Tresemme Liquid Gold

 I have been increasingly drawn to Argan oil based hair treatments , but I find them way too expensive for what your getting , you nearly always get a small amount.
That's why I was quite excited when i came across this product from Tresemme I believe it was around £6.99 , and seemed well worth it considering how much you get .

It does look super luxurious , not quite like liquid gold but still nice , and the packaging would of been nicer if the bottle was glass but they might of whacked the price up , the bottle also has a gorgeous gold filigree design in the back , which is a lovely touch and makes it look more luxurious. 


Ways to use Tresemme's liquid gold
Apply one pump , from mid length to ends , to damp or dry hair.
As a leave in treatment , by applying to damp hair avoiding the roots .
Use daily on the ends of your hair . 

I have used all of these different ways and it does work wonders on my hair . 
The leave in treatment I think I use the most as it makes my hair feel super soft when it is dried naturally , also makes it manageable , I don't even feel the need to brush it after the shower which is a super plus, the smell is super nice too it smells very grown up , and makes me feel like a lady :P 
I similar effects when I apply before drying my hair with a hair dryer , but it just looks more glossy . 
Lastly on the ends of my hair . I only do this is when my ends are looking a bit scraggly , and it just makes my hair look a bit more put together and allot more healthy.

So this products is defiantly worth trying out if your into Argan oil products , and don't want to spend a fortune , because you do get allot of product and its well worth the price . 
I'm not sure I will repurchase , because this amount of hair oil will last me a lifetime , only kidding yes I do think I will repurchase but only after if haven't found anything better for the same price.

whats your favourite Argan oil budget product?

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

I share my favourite thing this week - Youtube

I have been loveing youtube lately , it has really helped with those OMG I'M SO BORED I'M GOING TO DIE moments . 

 So what am i loving this week ?

RRcherrypie- This guy has over 1 million views on pretty much all his videos and i have been a huge fan for ages . he introduced youtube to the world of crazy Japanese candy making kits , i will buy a kit some day!!!

Jenna marbles - nuff said

whats your favourite thing to watch on youtube ? 

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I share some tips - What cosmetics i take with me when i travel - How to pack makeup efficiently to save space

When I travel I have to take allot with me because I am nearly always away for 2 weeks or so , so packing efficiently is essential if I want to pack the things I don't reaaaaally need , come on we all do it . I am currently staying at my boyfriends for 2 weeks  so I thought I would do a travel post . 

 Most supermarkets these days have a small section of travel size products like mini hairsprays and tiny shampoos , but I feel these are a little waste of money and you can get much more use out of a full size bottle . 
That's why the best thing to do is invest in a travel bottle set , some are really over priced at £10 for the same size as the one above , the one above was from primark and was a total steal at £1 , it comes with three squeezer bottles and tree little pots . 

I do only invest in one mini product and that the Tresemee 24hour body blow dry lotion , as I only use this when I'm here , its easy to use and small .
Another worth wile investment is the Nair glide on Bikini and Underarm Glide on hair removal cream , this is brilliant because there is no risk of it leaking in your bag , and is small enough for travelling , I also use this on my legs but only when I feel I really need to  , it doesn't have the nasty smell like all the other removal creams do .
 Other useful things are empty pallets , pallets that you don't want anymore are always handy for depoting products you do want to travel with . 
Here I have only depoted one product , I replaced the already used up concealer in the pallet with another , and the space where the mini mascara was now holds the mini benefit porefessional . The trick is to use what you have you don't have to spend a fortune on mini products they look cute and handy but they aren't good if you travel allot and the prices can add up . 

This pallet has everything i need . 
It contains
Three eye shadows one for highlight and the others perfect for a soft smokey eye . 
My face primer 
 Benefit Booing concealer 
and a benefit eye bright.

I had also depoted the foundations I needed No7 BB Cream and Rimmel Wake me up foundation , I have used a old sample pot from the Body Shop .

 Other products I Packed . 
Rimmel eye exsagerate liquid eye liner 
MUA Lipstick (cant remember what shade )
TopShop lipstick in pilow talk 
Natural collection in peach melba ( i think thats the name :/ ) 
 Mini Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion 
Collection 2000 shimmer shades 
Mac Prep and Prime translucent powder 
Rimmel false eye effects mascara Flared 
TopShop eye kohl on coal 
MUA eye brow pencil in blonde
Revlon Just bitten lipstain ( cant remember aaaaah sorry i will get all the names up soon )

All of my makeup fits in small makeup bag small , and it can be cleaned easerly if anything leaks .

Do you have anytips and tricks ?

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

I wear some makeup - FOTD - Nude Winged eye

What I'm wearing 
Benefit porefesional 
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Natural Collection blusher in Peach Melba
Natural Collection Transparent Powder
Benefit Booing  Concealer in number 2 
MUA eye brow pencil in blonde 
Urban decays primer potion 
Topshop eye kohl in coal 
Rimmel exaggerate liquid eye liner
Benefit creasless eye shadow cream in R.S.V.P
Maybelline false eye effects mascara - flared

will you be trying anyof these products ? 

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I nurse a not so poorly guineapig - update on Pigwigs operation and a accidental photoshoot.

Like I said I would here's a quick update on how Pigwig is getting on . 
Its been a week since he had his cyst removed and he is back to his cheeky old self , destroying everything in his cage , and weeping every time someone comes up the stairs :) 
His wound has scabbed really well and I haven't felt the need to clean it , but he is due for his bath soon so expect some photos of a wet guinea pig . 

When taking photos for this post I really couldn't resist taking more, (sorry they're a bit blurry he is a fidget bum) he looked so content and comfy sitting on the keyboard rolly out able thing on the desk , he used to sit here all the time when he was a baby, and he is licking my wrist as I type this :P

love love

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I take a trip too the pound shop - £1 Stila Cosmetics

I was super surprised too see such a high end brand in the pound shop, but pleasantly surprised :) 
 They only have three products that i could see , a foundation that was supersuper dark ,would be OK if I was black, also some foundation compact sponge refills , and a dry shampoo or a hair refresher as Stila calls it. 
Below are the products I purchased both being £1 each , left is the foundation sponge refills and on the right is the hair refresher , jade blossom dry shampoo .
There isn't much to say about the sponges only that you get 6 all together and come individually packed , I don't use sponges for my foundation but if I'm going away for a few days I might depot some foundation and take one of these sponges to save some space . 
The hair refresher doesn't smell like blossoms , nor do I know what blossoms smell like ...oops 
but I know what baby powder smells like and this smells like baby powder .

Have you found any other Stila cosmetics at the pound shop?

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Monday, 13 August 2012

I paint my nails - NOTD -Revlon Red Hot Tamale with Hail the Nails nails water transfers .

How gorgeous is this coral ? Literally so perfect , Ive never been one to pick up a coral nail varnish only because they have been too orange for my liking , but this is perfect , its Revlon's Red Hot Tamale , excitingly purchased at the Pound Shop of all places . 
The water transfer is from a site call Hail the Nails and they do the most intricately designed water transfers i have ever seen they are super beautiful and so so so affordable , love them .


whats your favourite manicure?

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

I take a trip to the poundshop - Revelon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain , Pound shop dupe.

I found myself once again at the beauty section in the Pound Shop , the Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick in Peony  caught my eye ( awful name i know ! ) , Peony is a gorgeous soft baby pink , and its super buildable so great for when you want a suttle colour , or when you want your lips to pop . I then purchased Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in shade Darling Cherie , i haven't got any lip product in this type if shade its such a beautiful soft lilac, not sure i would layer it on though , it looks a bit clown like on me , but its lovely applied lightly. 

Obviously the prices are completely different the Revlon one being £5.99 in Superdrug as a introduction price , but it will soon be £7.99 , and the one from the Pound Shop is well......£1 duh ! 
When swatching them i found the Chit Chat one to be allot more creamy and easier to  apply , I think this is because its a lipstick not a stain , but the formula's are very much the same.
 Both products have the same amount of pigmentation , and the packaging is near enough the same both with a twisty bottom and plastic lid , only difference being  the Revlon one has fancy silver accents and a opaque lid . As you can see by the picture  you get more product in the Revlon lip stain , both have very distinctive scents , I admit I prefer the Revlon scent as its very minty which i love love love , the chit chat lipstick has a strong fruity floral scent which is nice . 


Chit Chat Juicy Lipstick in Peony

 Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Darling Cherie

 Overall the Chit Chat juicy lipstick ( that names just makes me cringe every time) is a great dupe , plus is only a pound so you cant really complain , will defiantly be repurchasing some more of these really impressed .  

 Will you me trying this dupe ? 

love love 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I nurse a poorly guineapig - Pigwigs operation

Yesterday I was a blubbering wreck pretty much the whole day because Pigwig was having his cyst removed . I was really worried only because guinea pigs are prone to not wake up after operations , also his cyst was quite extensive and I don't think i will forgive myself for letting it get that big , and not taking him to the vets sooner , just out of fear of loosing him . 
When it came down to the operation the cyst was about the size of a lychee , pretty big for a animal that small . 
After all the emotions of leaving him at the vets in the early morning I picked him up later on in the afternoon , and what a lil soldier he was so brave and wasn't making a fuss at all only flinching every now and then at the pain but nothing major like squeaking in pain , I was really surprised at how he was afterwards because guinea pigs don't deal well with pain at all and just in general giving up on life , but he was eating his vegetables and wondering around his cage , a little sleepily but seemed happy .Hes been getting extra soft betting and lots of treats , hes is so so so loved and is getting lots of cuddles and ear tickles .
I will keep the blog updated of how his wound is heeling etc .
It would be lovely of you sent him a get well soon message I'm sure he will love it . 

love love 

I take a little trip to the pound shop -Revlon Nail varnish for £1

I rarely take a gander in the pound shop , only because I don't live near one , but on my recent travels I find myself being a regular and getting some good old bargains . If you ever go to a pound shop be prepared for long queues , I don't know if its just my one but there is always super long ques like primark style queues . 
Anyhoo I was looking in the beauty section , and discovered a rather vast amount of Revelon nail varnishes , sqeeee I was rather excited because I can never bring myself to buy them cos I do  think they are a little pricey .....even though I will spend £8 on a ESSIE nail polish ( nice one Laura ) , oh well they where a pound and plus they had a shade I have been lusting over for aaaaages . Money well spent I think ! 

 They had loads of diffferent shades, heres the ones I picked up . 
Blue lagoon was the one I had been lusting over .

Will you being buying makeup/nail varnish frome the pound shop ? 

love love 

Monday, 6 August 2012

I explain my absence - Where i've been for the past few weeks

Some of you may of noticed that i havent posted in a while apart from the liebester award post , but ive been a busy bee . 
Well not really i've jus been spending time with martin my boyfriend before he heads back home too birmingham . 
 So i thought i would show you a few pictures from when we went to London Zoo . 
It really wasnt the best time too go it was super super hot and the underground was rather i suspect because of the olympics eeesh but what ever it was a lovely day in the end . 

Have you been to london zoo ? 

love love

I'm nominated for a liebester award !

I was totally taken back by being nominated for this award , since i know there are blogs out their allot better than mine that inspire me , and i am completely grateful to Becka from Wondercolour behind a frosted window , who has a super lovely blog may i add , thanks again Becka you lovely.

The liebester award is aimed at getting people with blog with less than 200 followers getting  the recognition they deserve.
The rules.
1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.

2. They must also answer the 11 questions the ' tagger ' has set for them.

3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.

4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.

5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.

6. There's no tag backs.

11 Things about me 
1.I'm in a constant battle to find a job , Laura wants jobs but jobs don't want Laura . 
2.My Boyfriend lives over 100miles away.
3.I'm pretty much obsessed with Guineapigs.
4.I am a vegetarian , animals are friends not food :P 
5.I love movies, although I'm a bit of a harsh critique.
6.Dislike summer, or any kind of hot weather.
7.Constantly lusting over things i cant afford.
8.My life is the jobcenter 
9. cannot stand celery and avocados.
10.I have a phobia of baths and plug holes.
11.LOVE anything and everything to do with birds ! 

Questions Becka asked
Whats your most over played song?
Damien rice - the blowers daughter
What's your favourite holiday destination?
anywhere cold so the Antarctic would be good
What are you scared of the most?
living with my parents until I'm 30
If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life what would it be?
Favourite TV show/series?
Fake Tan or No Fake Tan?
No fake tan
What's your hidden talent?
hmmm i have long toes so i guess i can pick things up with my feet . maybe
Cats or Dogs?
Dogs , but i do like cats
What made you start blogging?
I just really loved reading other blogs so i thought i would start my own
What's the last book you read?
The hobbit , its been a working process for about 2 months
Most worn piece of clothing?
Black leggings

My questions for you  
Where do you see yourself in 2 years ? 
Whats your favourite movie genre ? 
Name 2 makeup products you would take with you to a desert island?
What shoes do you wear most often?
Whats your favourite blog ? 
What is your Favourite saying ?
All the way fake or Au Natural?
 Favourite British beach holiday?
What would your Dream pet be?
What beauty product/products do you use the least?
What is the best thing you have achieved in your life so far?


From Natalie

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i know Ive only tagged 8 but these girls deserve this award :) 

love love xx