Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I do a review -Tresemme Liquid Gold

 I have been increasingly drawn to Argan oil based hair treatments , but I find them way too expensive for what your getting , you nearly always get a small amount.
That's why I was quite excited when i came across this product from Tresemme I believe it was around £6.99 , and seemed well worth it considering how much you get .

It does look super luxurious , not quite like liquid gold but still nice , and the packaging would of been nicer if the bottle was glass but they might of whacked the price up , the bottle also has a gorgeous gold filigree design in the back , which is a lovely touch and makes it look more luxurious. 


Ways to use Tresemme's liquid gold
Apply one pump , from mid length to ends , to damp or dry hair.
As a leave in treatment , by applying to damp hair avoiding the roots .
Use daily on the ends of your hair . 

I have used all of these different ways and it does work wonders on my hair . 
The leave in treatment I think I use the most as it makes my hair feel super soft when it is dried naturally , also makes it manageable , I don't even feel the need to brush it after the shower which is a super plus, the smell is super nice too it smells very grown up , and makes me feel like a lady :P 
I similar effects when I apply before drying my hair with a hair dryer , but it just looks more glossy . 
Lastly on the ends of my hair . I only do this is when my ends are looking a bit scraggly , and it just makes my hair look a bit more put together and allot more healthy.

So this products is defiantly worth trying out if your into Argan oil products , and don't want to spend a fortune , because you do get allot of product and its well worth the price . 
I'm not sure I will repurchase , because this amount of hair oil will last me a lifetime , only kidding yes I do think I will repurchase but only after if haven't found anything better for the same price.

whats your favourite Argan oil budget product?

love love 

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