Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I share some tips - What cosmetics i take with me when i travel - How to pack makeup efficiently to save space

When I travel I have to take allot with me because I am nearly always away for 2 weeks or so , so packing efficiently is essential if I want to pack the things I don't reaaaaally need , come on we all do it . I am currently staying at my boyfriends for 2 weeks  so I thought I would do a travel post . 

 Most supermarkets these days have a small section of travel size products like mini hairsprays and tiny shampoos , but I feel these are a little waste of money and you can get much more use out of a full size bottle . 
That's why the best thing to do is invest in a travel bottle set , some are really over priced at £10 for the same size as the one above , the one above was from primark and was a total steal at £1 , it comes with three squeezer bottles and tree little pots . 

I do only invest in one mini product and that the Tresemee 24hour body blow dry lotion , as I only use this when I'm here , its easy to use and small .
Another worth wile investment is the Nair glide on Bikini and Underarm Glide on hair removal cream , this is brilliant because there is no risk of it leaking in your bag , and is small enough for travelling , I also use this on my legs but only when I feel I really need to  , it doesn't have the nasty smell like all the other removal creams do .
 Other useful things are empty pallets , pallets that you don't want anymore are always handy for depoting products you do want to travel with . 
Here I have only depoted one product , I replaced the already used up concealer in the pallet with another , and the space where the mini mascara was now holds the mini benefit porefessional . The trick is to use what you have you don't have to spend a fortune on mini products they look cute and handy but they aren't good if you travel allot and the prices can add up . 

This pallet has everything i need . 
It contains
Three eye shadows one for highlight and the others perfect for a soft smokey eye . 
My face primer 
 Benefit Booing concealer 
and a benefit eye bright.

I had also depoted the foundations I needed No7 BB Cream and Rimmel Wake me up foundation , I have used a old sample pot from the Body Shop .

 Other products I Packed . 
Rimmel eye exsagerate liquid eye liner 
MUA Lipstick (cant remember what shade )
TopShop lipstick in pilow talk 
Natural collection in peach melba ( i think thats the name :/ ) 
 Mini Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion 
Collection 2000 shimmer shades 
Mac Prep and Prime translucent powder 
Rimmel false eye effects mascara Flared 
TopShop eye kohl on coal 
MUA eye brow pencil in blonde
Revlon Just bitten lipstain ( cant remember aaaaah sorry i will get all the names up soon )

All of my makeup fits in small makeup bag small , and it can be cleaned easerly if anything leaks .

Do you have anytips and tricks ?

love love 


  1. Great post - so handy when I'm going away soon! I'm a new follower & I noticed you're from Herts too - a few of us are arranging a meetup at some point, would you be interested?


    1. glad it helped i aim to please :)
      hmmm im not sure i would be
      thanks anyways !