Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I nurse a poorly guineapig - Pigwigs operation

Yesterday I was a blubbering wreck pretty much the whole day because Pigwig was having his cyst removed . I was really worried only because guinea pigs are prone to not wake up after operations , also his cyst was quite extensive and I don't think i will forgive myself for letting it get that big , and not taking him to the vets sooner , just out of fear of loosing him . 
When it came down to the operation the cyst was about the size of a lychee , pretty big for a animal that small . 
After all the emotions of leaving him at the vets in the early morning I picked him up later on in the afternoon , and what a lil soldier he was so brave and wasn't making a fuss at all only flinching every now and then at the pain but nothing major like squeaking in pain , I was really surprised at how he was afterwards because guinea pigs don't deal well with pain at all and just in general giving up on life , but he was eating his vegetables and wondering around his cage , a little sleepily but seemed happy .Hes been getting extra soft betting and lots of treats , hes is so so so loved and is getting lots of cuddles and ear tickles .
I will keep the blog updated of how his wound is heeling etc .
It would be lovely of you sent him a get well soon message I'm sure he will love it . 

love love 

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