Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I take a little trip to the pound shop -Revlon Nail varnish for £1

I rarely take a gander in the pound shop , only because I don't live near one , but on my recent travels I find myself being a regular and getting some good old bargains . If you ever go to a pound shop be prepared for long queues , I don't know if its just my one but there is always super long ques like primark style queues . 
Anyhoo I was looking in the beauty section , and discovered a rather vast amount of Revelon nail varnishes , sqeeee I was rather excited because I can never bring myself to buy them cos I do  think they are a little pricey .....even though I will spend £8 on a ESSIE nail polish ( nice one Laura ) , oh well they where a pound and plus they had a shade I have been lusting over for aaaaages . Money well spent I think ! 

 They had loads of diffferent shades, heres the ones I picked up . 
Blue lagoon was the one I had been lusting over .

Will you being buying makeup/nail varnish frome the pound shop ? 

love love 

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