Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I take a trip too the pound shop - £1 Stila Cosmetics

I was super surprised too see such a high end brand in the pound shop, but pleasantly surprised :) 
 They only have three products that i could see , a foundation that was supersuper dark ,would be OK if I was black, also some foundation compact sponge refills , and a dry shampoo or a hair refresher as Stila calls it. 
Below are the products I purchased both being £1 each , left is the foundation sponge refills and on the right is the hair refresher , jade blossom dry shampoo .
There isn't much to say about the sponges only that you get 6 all together and come individually packed , I don't use sponges for my foundation but if I'm going away for a few days I might depot some foundation and take one of these sponges to save some space . 
The hair refresher doesn't smell like blossoms , nor do I know what blossoms smell like ...oops 
but I know what baby powder smells like and this smells like baby powder .

Have you found any other Stila cosmetics at the pound shop?

love love 

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