Thursday, 27 September 2012

I show you whats in my bag - whats in my mulberry bag and whats in my everyday makeup bag

Hope your all having a great week my lovelies .
Just dribble over my mulberry bag that is FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE , heehee ! I think this bag is pretty similar to the Daria Hobo bag , but I know its based on another type of bag they did maybe last season hmmmmm I don't really follow mulberry but if anyone knows let me know  .
My mum brought this back from Egypt , and its is really good quality , I am super  impressed with the fake leather and just the all round fakeness of this bag :P 
Personally I love looking at "Whats in my bag" post's and videos, and I've been wanting to do one for a while sooooo here's your chance to have a nose around my bag.
Whats in my bag 
Cath Kidston folded zip wallet , Dove roll on deodorant ( for those sweaty days ) , Paper chase planner ( i have a memory like a sieve so this is essential , passport , Soap and glory hand sanitiser (its in a carex bottle because the soap and glory bottle kept leaking ) ,Lemon perfume oil , Compact mirror , Ipod touch , House/bike lock keys , crabtree and evelen lavender hand therapy , random bag of 10ps , Glasses , chocolate limes ( I'm addicted to these and mint imperials ) , two pens , fig and rouge coco vanilla organic balm , rimmel vinyl lip gloss liner in scarlet

You may be thinking wheres your phone ? , well as soon as i decided i wanted to do this post it ran away , it nothing special so don't be too disappointed , my purse is probably worth more than my phone , but at least i wont get mugged for my phone :p 

How lucky are you two whats in my bag in one post , this is a whats in my everyday makeup bag .My makeup bag its from Cats eye which is owned by the company Jellycat , they sell these in John Lewis , but 
this one is no longer available . This is the guinea pig face small cosmetics bag and its super super cute and i love it to bits mainly because it have a guinea pig on it , and that it still looks brand new and lovely and clean even though its about 2 years old ! 
This is the makeup I've been using on a day to day basis most recently .

Whats in my makeup bag 
Eye makeup remover Cotton buds, Natural collection eyeshadow in willow , Natural collection blush in peach Melba , soap and glory clear here daily moisturiser , No7 beautifully matte makeup base , collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation in biscuit , MUA
 heaven and earth pallet , Maybelle colossal lashes mascara , Urban decay primer potion , MUA every lash mascara , collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in 3 , lo'real super precision liner , MAC prep and prime translucent powder ,collection 2000 shimmer shades  , ELF stippling brush , Avon all over powder brush , body shop blush brush , benefit mini blush brush , and lastly a blush brush from next .

 Whats in your bag/makeup bag ? 

love love 

Monday, 24 September 2012

I show you how - DIY chalk board mug

  Hello birdies ! 
Hope your all having a lovely Monday 
today is another DIY and as always its super duperly easy , this is perfect for a Christmas gift , or a last minute birthday gift .
I know I'm planning on giving away a few of these at Christmas , this DIY is very kind on your bank account , and no need to go spending loads on supplies , yay for being kind to bank accounts ! 

You will need 

  • Plain mug , ( can be any colour but white looks best)
  • Tape ( any tape that can be removed easily)
  • Chalk board paint
  • Old paint brush
  • Chalk ( obviously) 
  • Ribbon


1.First make sure your cup is clean from any dirt etc , now tape on the mug where you don't want paint , this is to protect these areas from unwanted paint.

2. Paint on your design onto your mug , I did a simple yet elegant scalloped design all the way round the mug , but you can do any design you want , let your mind go wild! . You can draw on the design with a pen if this helps . make sure the paint isn't applied too thickly , because you will be adding another layer.

3.Leave for  1 hour until paint had dried completely , then paint another layer to make the paint completely opaque.

4. When the paint has dried remove the tape and tie the piece of chalk to the handle of the mug with a ribbon.

Mug was purchased from a home wares store for only £1.60 , but look around car boots and charity shops for the best deals.
Paint was from Hobby draft at £1.99 for a small bottle .

Did you make this chalkboard mug? 
let me know how it went 

love love 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

I share my favourite thing this week - No7 Beautifully Matte Shine free make up base r

This weeks favourite is the first beauty product to feature in one of my weekly favourite posts.
This really has been a god send this product , I will soon be doing a review on this beauty so stay tuned .One thing I will reveal to show how good it is , is that i used to touch up my shiny nose at least 2-3 times a day , with this I don't have to do any nose touch ups , yaaay!
Check out the review HERE!!!!

whats your favourite thing this week ?

Friday, 21 September 2012

I share some news - Flora Dora is on facebook

For all you facebook addicts flora dora is now on facebook.
Here I will be running sales , also news and sneeky peaks of up and comeing post's .
So like and dont forget that friend request button on  Floradora its freeeeeeeeee!!!

love love 


I paint my nails - NOTD - Gothic / Vampy Ombre

Please excuse the crappy photo ! but you get the idea of what it looks like right?
Gothic nails are really on trend this autumn and personally my favourite nail trend , also dark blues and metal manicure , watch this space or more autumn nail trends lovelies .

will you be wearing the Gothic trend on your nails this autumn?

love love 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I do a review- L'oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision

 Today I am super excited for this post , I hope your ready for my most raved about product . 
I've found it birdies , the perfect liquid eyeliner.
Its L'oreal's Super Liner Ultra Precision , and its here to stay in my makeup collection for a very long time.

First we can all see the packaging is gorgeous , gold and black , looks and feel luxurious . 
The applicator for this is perfect and is lovely and thin ,its also flexible at the end to help achieve the perfect flick . 
This is the only liquid eye liner I have come across that last all day with out fail , no flaking or cracking , it only fades a bit on the inner corners of my eyes , but I'm not complaining .
I found it glides on really smoothly , the only problem I have is that the applicator doesn't hold much product, so I have to dip the brush in the bottle more that I would other liners i've tried.

I've only seen this super liner in one colour and that's black , it is a completely opaque black , no streaks , which make me want to kill someone , seriously so annoying ! 
This beauty came at a price of £6 or £7 from Tesco , a little pricey I think for a liquid eye liner but totally worth it because its amazing.
I have been wearing this everyday since I purchased this around three weeks ago and it really is the perfect liner, and a definite holy grail product for me .

 Can you recommend any good liquid eyeliners ?
let me know below in comments.

love love 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

I share my favourite thing this week - Scary stories

I have always been the one who's cowering into someones shoulder at the cinema , and then asking 'what happened , what happend ? ' . I love a scary film but just not the scary bits if that makes sense , I'm just curious about the story , and i love ready ghost stories on line and reading about other peoples experiences with ghost's .
Only recently have I found myself purchasing horrors and books about ghost , I think its because I feel I have some sense of control as to how scary it is , imagining how it is in my head instead of seeing it on the screen . 

I recently finished one called Before I go to sleep ,it truly is something I cannot explain , its a book that's subtly scary and unsettling , it makes you almost uncomfortable when reading it , I couldn't put it down , its also a crime thriller if your wondering .
This was purchased at Tesco at around £3.75 (i cant be sure but i know it was a good deal )  

I also hear its going to be made into a film which is super exciting because i love film adaptations of books . 
Tesco have a good deal on book at the moment i think it 2 for £7 , which I'm my opinion is great since a paper back these days cost £7 alone . So what did I get ?
A monster calls , and the great coat , a ghost story that claims to be the most elegant flesh-creeper since woman in black , SOLD !!! I loved the film woman in black but it gives me a major heeby jeebies so not watched often. A monster calls is difficult to explain too i guess I will type the blurb , heck I'm going to type all the blurbs its going to be a long post today people! But I just cant decide which one to  start reading first hmmm .

Blurbs .

Before i got to sleep 

Memories define us 
So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep ? 
 Your name, your identity, your past , even the people you love - all forgotten
And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story .
Welcome to Christine's life .

The Great Coat 

It is the winter on 1952 , and Isabel Carey is struggling to adjust to the realities of married life in Yorkshire.
Isolated and lonely , she is also intensely cold . And her husband - a Doctor - is rarely home.
And then one night she discovers a old RAF greatcoat in the bock of a cupboard . She buts it on her bed for warmth - and is startled by a knock at her window .
Outside is a young man .A pilot.
And he wants to come in ...

A monster calls 

Coner have the same dream every night , ever since his mother first fell ill , ever since she started the treatments that don't quite seem to be working . But tonight is different.Tonight , when he wakes there's a visitor at his window. Its ancient , elemental , a force of nature . And it wants the most dangerous thing of all from Coner . It wants the truth .

I have my eye on another already ( im becomeing addicted ) 
House of leaves look rather good , but reading about it  it sounds like the story , Are you afraid of the dark, does anyone know if the films based on this book ? (i hated the film )

Do you like the sound of these books ? 
Can you recommend any good scary books ? 

love love xx

images from google images

Friday, 14 September 2012

I show you how - DIY Rose bun garland

Hello lovelies today I'm bringing you another DIY today , and this one as always is super easy and not harsh on your purse . You can find most of these supplies on eBay for good prices , or use whatever materials you have laying around
In advance I apologise for my chipped nails .

You will need
Paper flowers ( you can buy these on eBay ) i used 9 roses but it depends on the size of flower on how many you need, the flowers need to have wired stems.
Super glue 
Old headband , one the colour of your hair would be ideal .
Transparent thread , this can be found on eBay too . 
(ignore the string in the photo)


1.First cut your head band in half , we only need one piece.

2.Over lap the two end like this , and secure with one stitch.

3.Continue stitching along the overlapped elastic once you've done one row of stitches do another to make sure its very secure. Don't forget to knot the ends

4. Trim the frayed ends .

5.Cut the wires of the flowers leavening around 4 inches.

6.wrap the wire around the elastic as shown in the photos, and trim off the access .

7. Add a small amount of super glue to the wire to make them extra secure and to prevent sliding when the band is stretched.

8.Continue adding on the flowers and gluing until the band is filled . 

Now you should have something similar to this beauty , this is perfect for weddings , or if you just want to feel like a fairy for the day. Experiment with different flowers to represent the seasons or latest trends .

Did you try making this , let me know how it went ?

love love xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

I get some bargains - Essie at TKMAX

Those of you who have been to tkmax know its a treasure trove and you usually find the best beauty items stashed at the back of the shelves, and those who haven't gont too Tkmax errrm why  not ?
well Essie is in stock and are being sold in packs of three , for £9.00 which is a steal since Essie polishes are £8 each at normal price , and I got super lucky when delving in the further reductions area , i came across three polishes , that i actually wanted , at the rock bottom price of £7 , seriously the best deal ever .
I don't know the names of all of  these  , they are also  old Essie polishes , and  the brush is different it isn't flat and rounded at the end like the ones we have now, but still super easy to apply and the formula seems to be the same . But i do know the one on the right is called sea breeze and have  a lovely blue undertone to it .

whats your best tkmax find ? 
love love xx 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I show you how - Lazy jam tarts

I think this may be the most lazy recipe ever in fact i would'nt even call it a recipe . 
Me and my mum used to make these all the time and they are super delicious and are always a hit with friends and family , and are always surprised when i tell them almost no effort was made to make them . 
You will need 
  • One sheet of shortcrust pastry 
  • Selection of jams I used Fig and Loganberry
  • Muffin tin
  • 3inch round pastry cutter or you could use a large glass 
  •  1 table spoon of unsalted butter 
  • tea spoon 
  • soup spoon

Makes 12 tarts

1.Preheat the oven to 200c ( fan assisted oven)

2. Butter your muffin tin thoroughly using kitchen paper dipped in butter.

3.Carefully unravel your pastry , taking care not to break it , cut circles one at a time using your 
pasty cutter , and press lightly into the muffin tin.

4. Add a tea spoon of jam into each pastry case , being careful not to get it on the tin (it will take forever to get off other wise)

5.Put the tarts at top of the oven for about 10-15 Min's , or until the pastry is golden brown . 

6 . Remove from oven being careful not to tip the try , because the jam would of turned into liquid .
 leave to cool for 40mins.

7.Remove cooled jam tarts from tin with soup spoon , and place on tray or cake stand , and enjoy.

 Did you try makeing these ?
let me know below.
love love 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

I share my most recent purchases - Haul- Bargain hunting

Skin care 
Left - right
Soap and glory clear here t-zone oil control daily moisture lotion
Soap and glory off your face cleansing cloths
Superdrug vitamin e hot cloth cleanser
Superdrug vitamin e all over body cream
No7 Beautifully matte make-up base 
No7 hot cloth cleanser

 All of the items above where purchased either on special offer or with a voucher .
Soap and glory is currently having a offer of buy one get one half price which is brill , and No7 are offering £3 off makeup and £5 off skin care vouchers if you spend over £5 in store me thinks . i still have a few to spend yaaay . 
The Superdrug items where a steal their hot cloth cleanser wasn't in the sale but was only £5 and i got the body cream for only £1.00 in the Clearance section because it had a crack in the bottom , i just transferred it into a pretty jar .

Left to right 
Revlon lipstick in Pink Pout
MUA heaven and earth eye shadow pallet
Loreal super precision liner in black
MUA everylash mascara in black/brown
Left to right 
Natural collection eye shadows in 
Willow,Milk Chocolate and Crushed Walnut 

All of these items where under £10 the Revlon lipstick being the most expensive at £7.60 and the natural collection eye shadows the least at £1.75 each!!!

 Saving the best til last this beautiful Ted Baker cosmetic purse its so adorable it even has a little brush holder compartment on the side which is super handy , its so pretty I don't want to use it , this is available in boots at £8 , they do a number of different types and sizes well worth a look and the money.

All items seen have been purchased with my own money , nor am i showing off in anyway .

Whats your best bargain find ? 

love love xx