Monday, 24 September 2012

I show you how - DIY chalk board mug

  Hello birdies ! 
Hope your all having a lovely Monday 
today is another DIY and as always its super duperly easy , this is perfect for a Christmas gift , or a last minute birthday gift .
I know I'm planning on giving away a few of these at Christmas , this DIY is very kind on your bank account , and no need to go spending loads on supplies , yay for being kind to bank accounts ! 

You will need 

  • Plain mug , ( can be any colour but white looks best)
  • Tape ( any tape that can be removed easily)
  • Chalk board paint
  • Old paint brush
  • Chalk ( obviously) 
  • Ribbon


1.First make sure your cup is clean from any dirt etc , now tape on the mug where you don't want paint , this is to protect these areas from unwanted paint.

2. Paint on your design onto your mug , I did a simple yet elegant scalloped design all the way round the mug , but you can do any design you want , let your mind go wild! . You can draw on the design with a pen if this helps . make sure the paint isn't applied too thickly , because you will be adding another layer.

3.Leave for  1 hour until paint had dried completely , then paint another layer to make the paint completely opaque.

4. When the paint has dried remove the tape and tie the piece of chalk to the handle of the mug with a ribbon.

Mug was purchased from a home wares store for only £1.60 , but look around car boots and charity shops for the best deals.
Paint was from Hobby draft at £1.99 for a small bottle .

Did you make this chalkboard mug? 
let me know how it went 

love love 


  1. This is such a cute thing to make, I had no idea there was such a things as 'blackboard' paint! I want to make one now :)
    Jut found your blog, love it. Newest follower!
    Daniella x

  2. glad you like it :) is a bit of a strange thing blackboard paint .
    And you go make one now , and let me know how it goes :P
    thanks so much for following i appreciate it very much
    laura (flora dora)

  3. I love love love DIY!
    I love your great idea. I'm going to make one, no two,
    no no three... for myself, mom & dad. Thanks Doll!

  4. i love it too if u havent already guessed ,
    glad you liked this diy , and let me know how those
    many chalkboard mugs go !

  5. This is so cute!! I didn't know you could even get chalkboard paint!! I love this idea, such a great idea! XxxX