Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I do a review- L'oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision

 Today I am super excited for this post , I hope your ready for my most raved about product . 
I've found it birdies , the perfect liquid eyeliner.
Its L'oreal's Super Liner Ultra Precision , and its here to stay in my makeup collection for a very long time.

First we can all see the packaging is gorgeous , gold and black , looks and feel luxurious . 
The applicator for this is perfect and is lovely and thin ,its also flexible at the end to help achieve the perfect flick . 
This is the only liquid eye liner I have come across that last all day with out fail , no flaking or cracking , it only fades a bit on the inner corners of my eyes , but I'm not complaining .
I found it glides on really smoothly , the only problem I have is that the applicator doesn't hold much product, so I have to dip the brush in the bottle more that I would other liners i've tried.

I've only seen this super liner in one colour and that's black , it is a completely opaque black , no streaks , which make me want to kill someone , seriously so annoying ! 
This beauty came at a price of £6 or £7 from Tesco , a little pricey I think for a liquid eye liner but totally worth it because its amazing.
I have been wearing this everyday since I purchased this around three weeks ago and it really is the perfect liner, and a definite holy grail product for me .

 Can you recommend any good liquid eyeliners ?
let me know below in comments.

love love 


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  2. I always buy the Loreal Super Liner but I've not tried this Ultra Precision one! Looks good! xx