Sunday, 16 September 2012

I share my favourite thing this week - Scary stories

I have always been the one who's cowering into someones shoulder at the cinema , and then asking 'what happened , what happend ? ' . I love a scary film but just not the scary bits if that makes sense , I'm just curious about the story , and i love ready ghost stories on line and reading about other peoples experiences with ghost's .
Only recently have I found myself purchasing horrors and books about ghost , I think its because I feel I have some sense of control as to how scary it is , imagining how it is in my head instead of seeing it on the screen . 

I recently finished one called Before I go to sleep ,it truly is something I cannot explain , its a book that's subtly scary and unsettling , it makes you almost uncomfortable when reading it , I couldn't put it down , its also a crime thriller if your wondering .
This was purchased at Tesco at around £3.75 (i cant be sure but i know it was a good deal )  

I also hear its going to be made into a film which is super exciting because i love film adaptations of books . 
Tesco have a good deal on book at the moment i think it 2 for £7 , which I'm my opinion is great since a paper back these days cost £7 alone . So what did I get ?
A monster calls , and the great coat , a ghost story that claims to be the most elegant flesh-creeper since woman in black , SOLD !!! I loved the film woman in black but it gives me a major heeby jeebies so not watched often. A monster calls is difficult to explain too i guess I will type the blurb , heck I'm going to type all the blurbs its going to be a long post today people! But I just cant decide which one to  start reading first hmmm .

Blurbs .

Before i got to sleep 

Memories define us 
So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep ? 
 Your name, your identity, your past , even the people you love - all forgotten
And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story .
Welcome to Christine's life .

The Great Coat 

It is the winter on 1952 , and Isabel Carey is struggling to adjust to the realities of married life in Yorkshire.
Isolated and lonely , she is also intensely cold . And her husband - a Doctor - is rarely home.
And then one night she discovers a old RAF greatcoat in the bock of a cupboard . She buts it on her bed for warmth - and is startled by a knock at her window .
Outside is a young man .A pilot.
And he wants to come in ...

A monster calls 

Coner have the same dream every night , ever since his mother first fell ill , ever since she started the treatments that don't quite seem to be working . But tonight is different.Tonight , when he wakes there's a visitor at his window. Its ancient , elemental , a force of nature . And it wants the most dangerous thing of all from Coner . It wants the truth .

I have my eye on another already ( im becomeing addicted ) 
House of leaves look rather good , but reading about it  it sounds like the story , Are you afraid of the dark, does anyone know if the films based on this book ? (i hated the film )

Do you like the sound of these books ? 
Can you recommend any good scary books ? 

love love xx

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