Friday, 14 September 2012

I show you how - DIY Rose bun garland

Hello lovelies today I'm bringing you another DIY today , and this one as always is super easy and not harsh on your purse . You can find most of these supplies on eBay for good prices , or use whatever materials you have laying around
In advance I apologise for my chipped nails .

You will need
Paper flowers ( you can buy these on eBay ) i used 9 roses but it depends on the size of flower on how many you need, the flowers need to have wired stems.
Super glue 
Old headband , one the colour of your hair would be ideal .
Transparent thread , this can be found on eBay too . 
(ignore the string in the photo)


1.First cut your head band in half , we only need one piece.

2.Over lap the two end like this , and secure with one stitch.

3.Continue stitching along the overlapped elastic once you've done one row of stitches do another to make sure its very secure. Don't forget to knot the ends

4. Trim the frayed ends .

5.Cut the wires of the flowers leavening around 4 inches.

6.wrap the wire around the elastic as shown in the photos, and trim off the access .

7. Add a small amount of super glue to the wire to make them extra secure and to prevent sliding when the band is stretched.

8.Continue adding on the flowers and gluing until the band is filled . 

Now you should have something similar to this beauty , this is perfect for weddings , or if you just want to feel like a fairy for the day. Experiment with different flowers to represent the seasons or latest trends .

Did you try making this , let me know how it went ?

love love xx

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