Sunday, 8 July 2012

I wear some makeup - FOTD and my glasses

Ayop , lovelies ! This FOTD is a little personal only because I've never really taken a photo of myself if my glasses , simply because whenever i wear them my confidence hits rock bottom. Its not that i don't like them i think they are nice glasses , i just feel a bit , cut off , like my face is hidden behind them and without insulting anyone with glasses i feel rather ugly wearing them . The only thing i do like is that they make me see better (well duh) . So this post i guess is to make me feel more confident about them and just encourage me too wear them more , because trust me when you've lost your mum in tescos, and you don't have your glasses to see down the isle, it is allot harder and rather embarrassing , especially when i go marching up too someone i think is my mum , too discover they're a 80 year old man .Also i couldn't decide which photo so you get two , lucky you !

so awkward ! 

What I'm wearing.
Rimmel Stay Matte foundation
Benefit Dr feel good 
MUA mosaic blush in English Rose 
Benefit Dallas Bronzer 
Collection 2000 shimmer shades in Way to glow - lightest one in quad for highlight.
Urban decay primer potion
Topshop eye kohl in Coal
Maxfactor False lash effect waterproof mascara
Urban decay lipstick in naked 

what do you think of glasses ? 

love love xx

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