Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I review some Lush - Lush honey cosmetics - Its Raining men

I cannot express how much I love Lush , and I admit I am rather proud of my lush collection , and protective, keeping it away from my dad at all times, I have caught him a few times emptying half a bottle of lush shampoo on his head , WHEN HE HAS NO HAIR!
you can understand my reasons I hope , I'm not being mean..... honest! 

Anyhoo , Lush seem to be well known for there bestselling honey themed cosmetics so I thought I would do a mini review series , too see if they live up to the all the hype . 

 This shower gel is defiantly a luxury product in my eyes , and I only ever use it if I'm feeling a bit run down . First the smell is completely amazing , it smells like toffee , honey and orange , but despite the strong scent it does not linger on the skin which i was rather disappointed with , i want to smell like honey and toffee all day :( .  

This really does smell amazing but not really amazing enough for me to repurchase at a hefty £4.25 for a tiny 100g bottle. 
I really love all the natural ingredients well obviously it is lush they are very well known for their natural ingredients . Its raining men contains Honey , which is very good for moisturising the skin and is a natural antiseptic , it also contains Rosehip oil and Sweet Wild Orange oil . Rosehip oil is great for oily skin and contains vitamin c. Vitamin c is abundant in Sweet wild orange oil ,  which makes the skin appear brighter and pays a key roll in the formation of collagen . All lovely things if you ask me .  
Despite all the natural ingredients this lathers up really well, the Constancy is rather runny , allot like runny honey :)

 Overall this is a great shower gel to own and to treat yourself with , and has loads of skin benefit , but i don't see myself repurchasing it in the near future . 

do you love or hate Its Raining Men ? 

love love xx 


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