Thursday, 12 July 2012

I reveal something about my life - Meet the Guineapigs

                    I wasn't sure if i was going to blog about my pigs .......but i changed my mind .

So let me introduce you to them ! 

This is Tigger. 
Hes had a bit of a hard time when he was a baby being beaten up by Pigwig , he bares some scars and a ripped ear , but he is still a lovely boy and super super super cute . He loves being outside , and eating as much grass as possible.
Tigger loves Pigwig lots and lots but hasn't got the message that Pigwig doesn't like him that much .
Tigger loves cuddles , but only with particular people , and has leaping off sofas down to a art !

And this is Pigwig .
Pigwig was a bit of a bully when he was younger and still tries to show everyone who boss , but he fails most times . He really is a mummy's boy , and he is very laid back , as you can see he likes wearing his hat , loves baths and being in the garden so he can sunbathe .

So their you have it my guineapigs , their might be some more pig related posts in the future .

Would you like too see more guinepig posts ?

Love love 


  1. Sqqquuuueeeeeeeeeee (sorry that's my normal reaction to cute animals)

    They are gorgeous - I wouldn't say no to more posts about them :)

  2. haha i do that pretty much every morning i see them :) thanks so much for your kind words x