Thursday, 5 July 2012

I review a lipstick - Topshop's Pillow Talk

 I approached the topshop makeup counter gingerly , noticing it was completely deserted , i thought there was allot of hype around Topshop makeup , everything was covered in makeup all the lipstick box's where open, it really was like a makeup massacre . Amongst all the stumpy and melted samples, i found this little beauty . 


I don't have anything thing like this at home nor do i really ever go for baby pinks , i do think they make me look a bit like a hooker , but aah well who's looking anyways . Anyhoo ! this is just a flat out baby pink , some say its a dupe to Macs saint Germain , but whatever it is its super super creamy , which is always nice and something you come across that often with a lipstick that's less than £8 , which is super impressive , also this little pretty is quite pigmented .

As for the lip drying problem with some lipsticks , its non existent , it really feels as moisturising as the Revlon lip butters but with the pigmentation of a high end lipstick all for a small price .
I do highly recommend this lipstick , and from what i have experience with topshop makeup , i recommend all there makeup. wooop another great buy ! 

whats your favourite Topshop lipstick? 

love love xx 

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