Friday, 29 June 2012

I review some makeup remover - Amirose Makeup Remover Cotton Buds

 Ayop fellow beauty addicts ! 
I was doing my weekly browse on feelunique , feel unique is basically a website where you can buy beauty items , from  make-up to hair products , and health foods and fancy candles heres the link if you want a little gander
 So i was oohing and aaaahing at all the stuff i couldnt afford , when i came across these makeup remover cotton buds i was like waaaaaaah! These are basically cotton buds with makeup remover in the plastic tube bit , so so so perfect for when i TRY and do my liquid eye liner , it useually take me about 3 tries til i am satisfied. You get 24 in a handy plastic case great 2 pop in your handbag  these where £3.99 .

These are great for removeing eye makeup , or the odd lipstick smudge . They contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E , so they protect your delicate skins moisture balance , and keeps it soft and smooth , so no need for scrubbing like a mad woman to remove your smudged eye liner . 
these are super easy to use , just snap the end with the coloured band , and watch the makeup remover soak into the other end , makeing sure the end with the blue band is faceing the ceiling. 

  wasnt that impressed with the removeing power but it didnt really bother me as i will only be useing it on very small areas , here i tested it on a eye liner , a cream blush , a mascara and a bb cream . it took about 6 strokes for it to remove the makeup .

have you tried anything like this ? 
would you be buying these?

love love xx

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