Friday, 5 October 2012

I do a review - No7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base

I know I had nothing but good things to say about this product when i mentioned it in my weekly favourites but Ive been using it allot more and  found out allot more about it and what it does for my skin etc.
Firstly the packaging is nice and simple but still looks a little special.
The first swatch of the product produced a white cream based product with a beautiful iridescent shimmer , which one applied you don't notice but does brighten up my complexion .
Application is a bit of a faff it dries super super quick on the skin so quick you barely get a chance for you to apply it to other area of your face , it pulls ab it on my skin which was unexpected .
It does have a nice scent  not strong, but strong enough for you you notice , but after Ive applied the rest of my makeup i didn't notice it , its a clean and fresh scent.
I use this after my moisturiser to go underneath my face makeup , this does minimise my pores , and gives a semi matte and smooth flawless appearance .

I love the over all finish this gives to my skin , making it smooth to the touch also , but i did have to perfect the amount applied , too much made my face oily , round my t-zone , also can leave a white  patchy residue on my face , looks a bit like I rubbed tooth paste on my face , not the look I'm after . 
Too little product and its really hard to apply .

So i found the best way to apply this was in two stages , first apply a small amount to my finger tips warmed up up a by rubbing my fingers together and in a stippling motion apply it to my nose and cheek . The secondly applying the same amount onto my forehead etc  in the same stippling motion ensuring all product of invisible. when applied and set , i didnt have any trouble with applying my foundation ontop .
Overall a good product that does what it says on the label , but a little tricky to apply 

what makeup base/primer do you use ?

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