Monday, 15 October 2012

I share my favourite thing this week - Audio books

A few months ago I signed up to audible , a website offering audio books that you have to purchase , but every month you get two credits to purchase audio books , I think all of the audio book are worth one credit .
Yesterday I was given my monthly credits and I got a little but excited because i had food poisoning the night before and was still feeling crap , I still feel pretty ill but I'm better :) 
anyways , the free credits where a nice pick me up , here's the audio books I have so far, I have included  the links to the books on the audible website , in case your interested .
Audio books are great for when I travel back and forth to Birmingham , or wherever saves allot of space in my bag .


Do you love audio books ?

love love 

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  1. I love audio books,I nominated you for the liebster award here:

    Livvy xx