Saturday, 19 January 2013

I share with you whats new and a FOTD

Hope your all enjoying the beautiful snow birdies , I've been snuggled up on the sofa watching films and being lazy , i love love love love this type of weather  . Whats  the snow Like where you are ? 
Now allot had happened since November 2012 , and since my long absence so I thought  would fill you in with whats happened . Allot of things have changed for the good and for the better , had some amazing time and sometimes where i just want to give up on life, allot of which I don't think i will never mention to anyone ! So here's the latter of it.
  • Rather out of the blue, I snagged myself a job at a solar panel installation company, as a business administrator . I hate it , lets leave it at that! 
  • Christmas came and went . it was spent in Birmingham with the boyfriend , although it was amazing seeing him and spending lots of time together , which we don't get to do , i do regret not spending that much time with my family over this period.
  • Rosie the family companion ( i feel weird calling her a dog) starts to act her age and goes a bit down hill , at one point we was going to put her to sleep simply because she didn't seem happy with living anymore , but as if she knew she perked up and is her cheeky self again but is still slow and a bit stiff and smelly as all oldies are .
  • Give myself a fashion kick in the butt and force myself out of my comfort zone which is a dress leggings . I  Felt so left out seeing all the pretty peter pan tops , and chiffon shirts , and thinking i cant wear that!!! Something clicked and I thought enough was enough I am 19 GOD DAMN IT and missing out of all these awesome clothes!! so now I've started wearing skater skirts and jumpers and tights, lets say its making me beam with confidence, and feel awesome.
  • Seems silly to put this on here , but it was a special moment for me . Purchased my first pair of top shop boots :p , was almost crying when i paid for them because of the price, but they where worth it !! 
  • Another special moment was my first experience in a MAC store , it was special for about 10 Min's when I was choosing my lipstick , but the rest if the time i was being sneered at and looked at by snooty MAC worshippers , I'm talking about the staff , not very helpful or friendly , maybe next time will be better .
  • We lost one of out guinea pigs Marley a few days back , he was so cheeky and a very handsome boy. 
  • Lastly if you havent already noticed I have a full fringe ! 

ON another note this is my face today , I've been experimenting allot more with colour , as I've been stuck in the liquid eye liner and thick mascara for too long !!!
What I'm wearing 
Rimmel wake me up foundation
Benefit Boing concealer 
Topshop Creme blush in head over heels 
Collection 2000 highlighter pallet in way to glow
Rimmel stay matte face powder 
MUA Heaven and Earth pallet 
Urban decay Primer potion 
Rimmel lash accelerator mascara
Loreal super precision liquid eye liner.
Nivea moisture surge lip balm 
MAC listick in Hang UP
                I feel i have achieved allot in the past few months ,and grown in confidence . whats coming next who knows ?

 Love Love xx

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