Sunday, 10 February 2013

I do a review - my favourite day and night time mascaras YSL shocking and Rimmel Lash Accelerator

Ayop! lovely birdies I've been really ill with a viral flue since last Saturday lately and been itching to blog and i finally feel well enough to sit at me desk and type away for you lovelies.
Everyone has a look for night and day I'm sure and these are my two favourite mascaras for night and day , and my thoughts enjoy !

Firstly is the all famous YSL shocking mascara . This is so raved about it makes me sick it really does , but now I can see why. 
 After staring at it for half and hour I eventually teared open the packaging  . Firstly I will say that this mascara isn't for everyone if you love the spiky doll like lashes then this if for you . As you can see the packaging's is gorgeous super luxurious and SHINEEEEEEEEY!!!!  

 YSL shocking mascara

I did find the formula  to be quite wet and felt heavy on my lashes and  sometimes clumpy , but the effect is oh so fabulous once you work at it for a bit ,leaving  me with lovely long dramatic lashes . This is a perfect all night mascara and doesn't smudge at all . I am still debating weather i like the applicator its a odd one this , it has long spikes on one side short on the other , but i figured that the short was to add volume the long to add length so twisting the wand halfway was the best way  , I've never had to work so hard to put mascara on!. You really do have to work with this mascara as it can some out very clumpy on your lashes NOT GOOD PEOPLE! .
 The price is something to complain about though £23 ..........really YSL!! is a bit silly but not silly enough to stop me from buying it . You can save your self a few pennies by buying it from feelunique , and I think you are paying for the brand and the packaging , but I don't regret buying it and I know I will get allot of use out of it and will enjoy having such a beauty in my collection.

              This mascara is the total opposite to YSL shocking , it is one of the latest mascaras from Rimmel called Lash Accelerator.
I have been using this for a while now and love it and can see myself repurchasing.
 I love the bristle brush , and that its quite thin and small so you can really get into the corner and the bottom of the lashes without getting it all over your brows , derp!
 It defiantly makes my lashes longer and the formula is quick drying which is a bonus when I'm rushing out the door for work. This mascara does however smudge quite a bit on me but i will let it go since i am very prone to smudging (boo hoo ) . 
I love love love the green detailing on this products packaging other than that its pretty standard.I picked this up for a pinch at £5.99 from boots when it was on offer , I think its around £7.99 now but that's pretty standard for most drug store mascaras these days.
 I love how long it makes my lashes whilst still keeping them looking natural , and the applicator is a dream over all love this and will defiantly repurchase in the future ,  

 Rimmel lash accelerator mascara

 What are your favourite day/night products ?

p.s Sorry if the eye pictures creep you out.

Love love xx 

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  1. I had a sample of the YSL shocking a while ago and loved it! It made my lashes so long and volumised :) I also love the Rimmel one! I have been using it a lot recently :) I love how thin the brush is so you can be really precise! :) xx