Friday, 22 February 2013

I introduce you to some people - Robyn Make things and the other half

Lets all take a moment and think how awesome this lady is at illustration 
I first bumped into Robyn from a review ashllyd did of Robyn's work and instantly wanted to get in contact with her .
I contacted  Robyn at robynmakesthings, like a excited loon , and requested she did a portrait of me and my boyfriend , she was super easy to contact and super lovely .
She is super sweet and wasn't taken back at all when I told her I didn't have any proper pictures of me and martin together , and she was totally cool with it and created this amazing portrait of us two out of the rubbishy pictures I gave her to work from . Shes superwoman you know?
I gifted this to Martin on valentines after popping it into a frame to make extra special .
I love how simple the illustration is too , I really cannot say how awesome this is its every where my background image , and on my desk at work .
 What are you waiting for go check out !

Disclaimer: Robyn kindly did this illustration free of charge . All reviews i give are 100% my own opinion and have not been influenced by others in anyway .

Love Love

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