Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I Make A Change - DIY Ombre and life rambelings

Hello beauties .
This week hasn't been a very good week for me and the family , my one and only nanny is very ill in hospital and wont be lasting the night . I am  very close to my nanny and I'm feeling a bit lost at the moment , and cant really imagine not seeing her again , the thought just makes me feel numb like my body doesn't actually recognise the feeling of not being able to see her again , and i cant come to terms with how I feel, or even the thought of not seeing her , talking to her , hugging her again doesn't seem like my own thoughts.
She is currently in the hospital holding on like the trooper she is .
I will keep blogging just to keep myself busy .
Moving onto what I'm sure you came here to read about.
About a week or so ago i plucked up the courage to try out loreals wild ombre hair dye kit , i have been eyeing this up since before Xmas and have loved the idea if having lovely swishy ombred hair because i knew it would suit me and i knew i would love it sooo it was a dun deal pretty much as soon as it kit the shelves .But i had been putting it off simply because I haven't died my hair before and was being a bit of a wimp , and all i needed was a little push in the form of the loreal wild ombre kit being £5.99 in sainsburys.
so here are the results of thus dye.
Well what do you think , it was super easy and completely idiot proof to follow , make note people I have never died my hair before . As you can see in the images it is a little yellow but this isn't that case at all now , its faded a bit and looks way more effective and just all round awesome.
The range consist of three shades for different coloured hair , ombre 1 for light to dark brown hair ombre 2 for dark blonde to medium brown hair , and ombre 3 for blond to dark blonde hair.
I used shade 2 for dark blond to medium brown hair, it seemed like the most suitable for my hair .
It did thought make my hair feel very stiff and dry when I was washing the dye out which scared me a little so I just slathered on a load of Aussie 3 minute miracle treatment and my hair was lovely and shiny after I finished blow drying .

have you tried l'oreals wild ombre hair colour?

Love Love


P.S Before I could finish this post my nanny pasted away at 6pm .

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